Domisi Services

The decision to purchase a property in another country is never easy, and finding a company that you can rely on is an important factor. Domisi Development is in the privileged position to assist you with all the decisions you will face regarding your new home and life in Crete.

Additional services offered by Domisi Development: 

  • Energy certificate
  • Legalization
  • Impartial legal advice
  • Insurance sales
  • Interior design
  • After Sales Service
  • Car hire
  • Hotel bookings
  • Holiday villa's for rent

What do we get for our money?

Buying a house in Crete, just like anywhere else, is a big decision, so it is vitally important that you know exactly what you will receive for the price that you have been quoted.

We have many styles of houses that you can choose from, however from our experience we are aware that you may like to make some changes or alterations that make the property more suited to your individual needs. We will discuss these changes with you in detail and then give you a totally inclusive price. All the amendments will be itemized so you can see exactly what you are paying for. The process will not continue until all parties are satisfied and in agreement as to what is expected. The price that is quoted will not change, regardless of the length of time of the construction.

The size of the house is expressed in “square meters.” Under current building regulations, these measurements are taken from the exterior of the property (ie they include the thickness of the walls). There is an exception to the regulations if the house is constructed in stone, whereby the measurements can be taken internally.

The completed property and garden will be 100% yours, there will be no shared services or utilities.

Only the best quality materials (including insulation materials) are used during the construction. Internally the house will be ready to move into. Windows, doors, wardrobes, kitchen units (but not white goods) and bathroom fixtures and fittings are all in place using good quality products. The houses are fully tiled and double glazed, with the water and electricity connections in place.

There are often many factors that are overlooked when looking at the price of a house: access roads, parking space, pathways, retaining walls if needed, pergolas, National Insurance payments and the cost of the building licence have all got to be taken into account. All these are included in the agreed price. Your only further payment is for the legal fees.